Teen Patti Cash Game & Bouns Rs-149

Teen Patti Cash App

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Teen Patti Cash Game & Bouns Rs-149 // तीन पत्ती कैश गेम बोनस Rs-149

Teen Patti Cash App

Download Teen Patti

If you went to earna from RS 20000 to 40000 by playing online game. we bring you a New Teen Patti game application after much research.

Are you can get thousand of rich cash every day by playing rummy game with people online. not only this you are being given many great future to get free bonus here. you can get thousand of free bonus with the help of features.

You get now games like Dragon Vs tiger, Andar Bahar, 7 Up down, jhandi Munda, Joker Teen Patti to play the game in this application you can earn income everyday by playing this games.

Friends not only this thousand of people have million of rupees throat is application so far. You this is a very good opportunity for all users. how many Rupees do you went to Rob of playing Rummy games here can Rob. friends you can eat the benefit of the launch of this Teen Patti Cash.

In addition to you in this Teen Patti Cash Game also get referral program to earn money. in away you see her, but you can from Rs 40000 to 50000 every month in a very simple way.

How to download Teen Patti Cash apk

Before downloading this Teen Patti Cash Game you must go to the settings option of your smartphone and come to the unknown source option. after the you click on the download button about the download this Teen Patti Cash to your smartphone. after downloading the Teen Patti Cash you can use all the features available in this Teen Patti Cash Apk by installing it.

Download Teen Patti

  • First of all you have to open the Google browser on your phone.
  • Inside the search box you have to type Teen Patti Cash Apk and search.
  • Now you will get you see the link to the Teen Patti Cash Game.
  • Now after these you can also see the official Teen Patti Cash on the screen. by scrolling down the page you will get to download link.
  • The Rummy Holi APK will download as soon as you click on the download button.

How to register in Teen Patti Cash Game

In Teen Patti Cash Game you get Rs 30 sign up bonus when you create an account. in addition once to create your account in this Teen Patti Cash. so you can use all features available in this Teen Patti Cash. below we are given you complete information about how to create an account in this Teen Patti Cash Apk.

How to register in Teen Patti Cash Game


  • First open this Teen Patti Cash Apk.
  • So you have two option in Teen Patti Cash, login and play a guest.
  • To being select Play as guest from the menu.
  • It will now take you the homepage where you must select profile.
  • In the binding selection look for the bind button and click it.
  • Can you must input your mobile number, password, password confirmation, and OTP.
  • As a result you can create an account and you 51 rupees bonus.

Games are available in Teen Patti Cash

Friends there are many games available in Teen Patti Cash. So you can get sense oh how wonderful this app will be and how great it already is.

Games are available in Teen Patti Cash


  1. Teenpatti
  2. Point Rummy
  3. Dragon Vs Tiger
  4. AK47 Teenpatti
  5. 7 Up Down
  6. Andar Bahar
  7. Jhandi Munda
  8. Teen Patti War
  9. 3 patti War
  10. Wingo Lottery
  11. 7 Slots
  12. Golden India
  13. Bikini Paradise

Teen Patti Cash app features

Best Indian Rummy card game:- friends this is a must popular Rummy game application in India. here you get change to play rummy game with million people online. you can enjoy anytime rummy game with any people settings in any corner in India through this Teen Patti Cash. create and account in this Teen Patti Cash now and enjoy the rummy game.

Play online Rummy card game and popular Classic free games:- if you went to enjoy online Casino games and poker games then you download this Teen Patti Cash Game now. because you get full change to enjoy online Casino and poker games settings at home in this Teen Patti Cash. in this Teen Patti Cash you will get a different experience of all card game.

Smooth game:- play even at slow connection you can enjoy the game in a smooth way a lot of day in this Teen Patti Cash. the interface of the application is very simple you can also play game her on very low internet connection. in this Teen Patti Cash Game you do not need much internet.

Multiplayer online card game:- you can enjoy rummy game with your friends online sitting at home in this Teen Patti Cash Apk. are you get a change to play games with multiplayer people you believe that you are going to get tremendous gaming experience in this Teen Patti Cash. are you can play all card game online with people.

Instant withdrawal:- you get facility of instantly meant payment withdraw in this Teen Patti Cash Download. you can withdraw anytime payment in this Teen Patti Cash. you can apply payment withdraw as soon as you have minimum RS 100 in your account.

How to add money in Teen Patti Cash

You will add some payment to play the game in this Teen Patti Cash. if you went to earn money by playing games throat is application. for the you add some payment in this Real Teen Patti Cash. are you get the facility to add at last 100 Rs and maximum 20000 RS payment. upper from this if you pay for the first time here a company also offer you cash back offer.

How to add money in Teen Patti Cash


  • Open the Teen Patti Cash App and select the pay option.
  • You must now choose your money under the pay online option and click add cash.
  • These will take you to a website for the amount choice.
  • You must enter your payment method code and feel in the required details.
  • A notification will be sent to your phone if you have to click next.
  • You must verified that the notice is the same as the one where you went to add money.
  • So your transaction has been completed and the money has been deposit into your game account

How to withdraw money in Teen Patti Cash.

Friends here you  are allowed to withdraw minimum RS 100 payment. apart from this you have to pay a commission of 3% if you withdraw the payment here. follow the below method to withdraw payment.

How to withdraw money in Teen Patti Cash.


if you want to apply for withdrawal inside this Teen Patti Cash, then you can apply to Withdraw quite successfully in this you can withdraw at least Rs100 in this  you will not have to face any problem, because This application is fully verified. and if we talk about how much money you can withdraw at a time, then let us tell you that there is no limit on the maximum withdrawal. but we have told you according to us that in this you can Maximum you can invest around Rs 50000 in one go.

Refer and earn in teen patti cash game

The way to earn the maximum in cash teen patti is to refer and earn as much as you can. because weekly Bonus is also available in this which gives extra bonus throughout. for this follow this step.

Refer and earn in teen patti cash game


  • First of all click on the refer and earn or share option.
  • Now you have to share your referral link on WhatsApp or Facebook.
  • Now if someone registers by downloading Teen Patti Cash Game from your link, then you will get 49 rupees instant.
  • When he adds money by playing the game,
  • Then you will get his 30 percent commission.
  • To withdraw the money earned from refer, you will get to see the option written as claim click on it.

Rummy Ares App Download & Bouns Rs-41


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FAQS In Teen Patti Cash

When was the Teen Patti Cash App Launch done?

  • Teen Patti cash APK Launch took place in 2020

What is the maximum withdrawal in a Teen Patti Cash Game?

  • There is no maximum withdrawal limit.

How much do you get a sign Up bonus in Teen Patti Cash App?

  • Sign up bonus Rs 41 is available in Teen Patti Cash.

What is the minimum withdrawal in Teen Patti Cash Apk?

  • Minimum withdrawal is Rs200 in Teen Patti Cash Download?

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